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Counseling from Christian Perspective

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Mending the family

Family matters

Designed to bring families together by carefully integrating personal and group therapy sessions.



Encouraging families to talk and solve their problems together without the explosions of anger or sadness.

Helping parents

A class that teaches you to make better choices when raising your child, leading to a healthier and happier home.



Save the family




Friendly and helpful staff that is available to answer any questions or address any concerns.


Preventing domestic upheaval by diving head-first into the issue at hand.  

Providing comfortable and relaxed environment for every member of the family.

Flexible appointment times that allows everyone in the family to attend.

Bring your family together by discussing the feelings and behaviors that may be causing problems. Our therapy sessions take place in a safe environment with a nurturing manner under a set of Christian values.

Avoiding the negative

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