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Counseling from Christian Perspective

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Play and interactive therapy

Children’s anger peer group

A therapeutic group setting that helps children interact with one another and share social behaviors.

RISE group for girls

A group for young girls that focuses on overcoming sexual abuse, setting boundaries, and gaining self-esteem.

Adoption preparation group

A group that focuses on helping children undergoing adoption by understanding the concept and process.

For the children

Dealing with others

Controlling anger


Providing children a safe place to open up, expressing them to the fullest.

Find boundaries

Children must be taught their limits to develop into successful adults.

Enforcing socially acceptable behaviors, so they can better deal with people.

Teaching children how to control emotions and deal with situations appropriately.

Allowing children to act and resolve their emotions naturally in a safe environment that encourages open communication. This therapeutic method allows younger children to fully open up to others, allowing us to help them.

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